Conventions used in this manual

Use of Markdown

Complete content for this manual is written in Markdown with extensions provided by mkdocs-material and PyMarkdown. Using Markdown makes the entire system of writing content extremely simple with no overhead of having to resort to using HTML or CSS tricks to format the content.


The main content is formatted using a Sans Serif font. Code, filenames, directory names and so on are formatted using monospace fonts for accuracy and attention.

Notes, Tips and Warnings

Note blocks


This is a note and it is used to highlight certain aspects of the content. It can contain just plain content or also code blocks.

Summary blocks


This is a Summary block and it is used in places to summarize a portion of the content.

Tip blocks


Tip blocks, like this, provide a way to give pointers to other things that enhancements and other ways of doing things or tricks / hacks that can help you.

Warning blocks


Warning blocks are used to provide visual warnings and highlights for things that you must be careful about or pay extra attention to.

Danger blocks


Danger blocks are like warning blocks but are used for warnings that might cause things to malfunction or stop working or might cause potential harm or damage.

Quote blocks


Quote blocks are used to present quotations from other documentation sources or books or videos and so on. They also contain attribution details so that you know where the quote has been taken from.