Building this documentation

Using this repository

This repository contains the source code for the IoT Lab manual. Here are instructions on how to develop or test or use the documentation locally on your own computer.

Install Python and python-pip

The mkdocs system is built on Python. To build the documentation or browse it locally, you need to have python install on your system. Additionally, you need python-pip to install Python packages.

Once you have both Python and python-pip installed, you can install mkdocs using the following commands. Additionaly, we use the Material theme for mkdocs. Running the following command installs both mkdocs as well as the corresponding theme:

pip install mkdocs-material

You can more details about this on the mkdocs-material home page:

Run a local webserver

You compile the documentation from the source code as follows:

mkdocs build

This will generate the static HTML documentation into the site/ directory.

You can also view the documentation using the in-built webserver by running the following cammdn:

$ mkdocs serve
INFO    -  Cleaning site directory 
[I 171121 15:24:50 server:283] Serving on
[I 171121 15:24:50 handlers:60] Start watching changes
[I 171121 15:24:50 handlers:62] Start detecting changes